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Tractor Mounted Fertilizer Spreader

Carrying out solid manure spreading operation environment-friendly option at low cost.

Full Hydraulic Crawler Compost Turner Machine

Full hydraulic crawler is controlled by remote control compost turner machine.

Tractor Pulled Compost Windrow Turner machine

Compost, Recycling, Orchard Waste Renewal,food waste,chicken manure,cow dung.

Cow Farm TMR Feed Mixer Machine

High efficiency and long service life,cow farm TMR feed mixer machine.


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Hindamachinery provides high quality compost processing machines, manure processing machines, cattle feed machines and livestock equipment.

Towable Compost Turner ZHD-300B

Towable Compost Turner ZHD-300B

This Towable Compost Turners is designed to tow behind a tractor, and adopt a hydraulic control system. It lifts and tumble compost materials, and aerates each windrow with more oxygen for faster composting. This Tow Behind Compost Turners is widely used in the organic fertilizer manufacturing industry to manage larger crop residues (e.g. corn stalks), animal manure (e.g. pig dung, horse manure), yard waste, newspaper, cardboard, etc.

Working width: 3000mm

Length: 3900mm

Width: 5560mm

Height: 1650mm

Weight of equipment:1780kg

Counterweight Iron weight:1300kg

Tractor power: 120HP

Traction frame part size: 3900mm*700mm*2000mm

Flip box part: 3800mm*1600mm*1800

Organic Fertilizer Processing Self-Propelled Windrow Compost Turner Machine M30A

Organic Fertilizer Processing Self-Propelled Windrow Compost Turner Machine M30A

Organic Fertilizer Processing Self-Propelled Compost Turner Machine M30A has been precisely adapted to this windrow width. With a turning capacity of more than 800 m3/hour and a windrow cross- -section of up to 3.5 m3/running meter, even performance freaks will get their money's worth with this compost turner.

Processing Capacity: 600 m³

Width: 2.6m

Engine Power: 55KW

Fuel Tank Capacity: 40L

Application scenarios:

Farm, Ranches, Organic fertilizer factory, individual farm land

Double-axis Vertical Auger Manure Spreader

Double-axis Vertical Auger Manure Spreader

The double-axis vertical auger Manure Spreader is simple to use and includes bear claw beaters to quickly spread and shred manure. The twin augers design has a good guarantee for the uniformity and continuity of material dissemination. When the material moves to the hammer discharge port, each hammer tears and smashes the material, and throws the material evenly and rhythmically from bottom to top. The design keeps the material in a horizontal state and prevents overhead and squeezing. It can throw a variety of materials, such as: poultry manure, organic fertilizer, furrow fertilizer, mud, compost, manure, distiller's grains, mushroom residue, medicine residue, straw, etc. , You can also spread most of the industrial waste.

volume: 10m³

Spreading width:6-15m

Tractor power : 120HP

Spreading Efficiency (m3/h):40-64

Power Input Speed:540rmp

Overall dimensions:6730mm*2610mm*2540mm

Application scenarios:Suitable for farm, grassland, pasture use, can meet the needs of different farmers.

Dairy farm tractor-drawn vertical TMR feed mixer

Dairy farm tractor-drawn vertical TMR feed mixer

A tractor-drawn vertical TMR (Total Mixed Ration) feed mixer is a type of machine that is used to mix various types of feed and ingredients for livestock using a vertical mixing auger. This type of mixer is often mounted on a tractor and is equipped with a hydraulic system that powers the mixing auger. The vertical design allows for a more thorough mixing of the feed, resulting in a more consistent and nutritious ration for the animals. The tractor-drawn vertical TMR feed mixer is commonly used on dairy farms and other livestock operations to produce high-quality feed for their animals. 

Using tractor to provide power, feeding more convenient, faster.Single or dual speed drives are available, tractive TMR feed mixers up to 9 cubic meters are single speed drives, and over 12 cubic meters are dual speed drives.Excellent mixing and cutting system,The tapered auger provides superior feed motion for faster and more complete mixing and processing, with smooth, continuous propellers producing rolling feed action to improve mixing,Weighing system: the load cell has high sensitivity and accurate feeding.



Engine Power:>=66kw


Application scenarios: Cattle farm, sheep farm


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High quality compost processing machines, manure processing machines, cattle feed machines and livestock equipment for industrial and commercial use.

Hidamachinery Hidamachinery

Manure Processing Machine

Manure processing machine can be used for making all kind of organic fertilizer and bio organic fertilizer. You can use it for processing organic fertilizer by using animal waste as materials. It is suitable for you to use it for your animal farm, such as, chicken farm, cattle farm, stud-farm, etc.

Hidamachinery Hidamachinery

Compost Production Machine

Hinda compost machine has capacity of 1-1500m³ and narrow up to 31% fermentation period. Get high efficient manure compost making machine from Hinda machinery.

Hidamachinery Hidamachinery

Livestock Equipment

Hinda Machinery provides a wide variety of livestock handling equipment for sheep, goats, and cattle such as cow brush, cow headlock, feeding euqipment, and more.

Hidamachinery Hidamachinery

Cattle Feed Machine

Farm feed processing machinery refers to the machinery and equipment used to process livestock feed such as cattle, sheep and pigs on the farm, including silage packing machine, forage pulverizers, feed mixers, feed pelletizers and other machinery.


Professional Farm Livestock Machinery Supplier

Qingdao Zhonghengda Machinery Co., Ltd. (also called Hinda Machinery)was established in 2012. It is a livestock equipment manufacturer grating R&D, production, sales and service. The company covers an area of 20,000 square meters, and has passed agricultural machinery test and promotion appraisal, ISO9001 quality management system certification, gdao specia ization and special new products, Qingdao outstanding private enterprise, Qingdao safety oduction enterprise and other honors. The company's main business is: livestock eeding equipment, livestock and poultry manure fermentation processing equipment, straw resource utilization equipment and other equipment required for pasture. Familiar with three talents, they sell well in Asia, America and Europe. High-quality products and high-quality services have won the trust of our customers for Qingdao Zhonghengda Machinery Co., Ltd., and domestic and international high-end customers have come in. Zhonghengda products are now sold all over the country, and exported to Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States and other countries. The company adheres to the business tenet of "reputation first, quality oriented", relying on an excellent and innovative high-quality team, carries forward the enterprise spirit of "integrity, pioneering, innovation and service" of Zhonghengda people, and wholeheartedly provides customers with high-quality products and Service, sincerely go hand in hand with all walks of life, seek common development, and create brilliance together.

  • Covering an area of 20000 square meters
  • A manufacturing company with its own core technology
  • We have about 1000 cooperative pastures
  • Exports to more than 20 countries


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Latest news and technologies on compost processing machines, manure processing machines, cattle feed machines and livestock equipment for industrial and commercial use.

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